10 Amazing and Shocking Types of Twins

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The world is full of extraordinary things and miracles. Miracles do happen and they happen in different ways. Let us take the context of child bearing. Babies are born in different shapes.

Others normal while others completely miraculous. Let us look at the 10 different types of twins listed below:

10. Amazing Parasitic Twins


Also known as asymmetrical /unequal, parasitic twins are conjoined meaning that one twin is a parasite of the other. When compared to other different types of twins, the parasitic are totally unequal in that there is one twin depends on the other on other functions.

This scenario is becomes possible when an underdeveloped twin gets attached to any part of the body of the other twin as it develops in the womb. In times, the parasitic twin will develop indistinguishably and will require a surgical procedure to remove it from the other complete twin.

The scenario starts when the twin embryos start to develop together but they then don’t separate properly.  This is the syndrome commonly referred as the “conjoined syndrome”.

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