10 Amazing Life Hacks that are More like Survival Tips

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We bring you these life hacks that can be amazing survival tips. Many of the people are not prepared for living in a situation where we don’t have all the living facilities anymore. Are we even prepared to live a day without all the technology supported life styles?

Life Hacks that are More like Survival Tips

The answer is very simple, try living without your cell phone for an hour and try to manage household for a day without all the facilities. You will get to know how much you are really prepared. We will tell you these lifesaving life hacks which will make you capable of doing basic things with limited available resources.

1. Candles for Light

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The first and foremost necessity when everything you have is destroyed and you want to have some source of candle light that keeps you in light for at least some time , this life hack is easy and you can keep the things required very easily with you. You just need Crayola Crayons, take the tip off and light them. These will give you light for almost 30 minutes and you can create small lights with help of them but if you are looking for an alternative that takes longer to light then you can take a can of Crisco and put a wick through it and light it, this can light for almost 40 days. This will solve your problem of light.

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