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10 Amazing Life Hacks that are More like Survival Tips


8. Find out Hour of Day Left

You need to have the exact idea about how much time in day is left to be prepared for the night. It is not necessary that you have gadgets to tell you the time so you need to keep an alternative way to tell you the idea about time of day. This technique is easy if you learn it the right way.

hours of day

You need to use your hands and sunlight again to see.in this technique you need to utilize your fingers. While confronting the sun, outstretch your arm so that your palm confronts you and your hand is even with your thumb on top. At that point line up the base of the sun with your pointer. Next, put your other hand underneath your direct, palm confronting you, and your pointer and pinky ought to be touching. On the off chance that there is sufficient space, “walk” your top hand underneath your second hand. Each finger, excluding your thumbs, between the sun and skyline is around 15 minutes worth of sunlight, which means each hand is around one hour of sunshine.


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