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10 Amazing Owl Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind


5. God Owl Tattoo

owl tattoos

If you go to some cultures of the world, you find that some of them have a high place for this bird. Some of these cultures hold a deeper meaning for an owl and they express this meaning by wearing an owl tattoo on their bodies. According to some of these cultures, the owl is taken to be a protector and guardian of the dead. They mostly call an owl an “angel of Death’’. They believe that an owl is able to talk to death and can relay their massages to the living. On the part of the Greece culture, an owl was believed to be a holy thing and therefore an equivalent to a goddess of learning. In a Hindu culture, this goddess is taken to be a carrier of wealth. All the above meanings have led to these cultures embracing owl tattoos with the bid to bringing out holy meanings.