10 Best Music Festivals around the World You Must Attend

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Music is an industry which is has grown so much that people are earning a fortune out of it. Music is not just limited to records and cassettes, the industry has evolved. Music has now reached a level of things are no longer limited to just live performances. Now music has reached to level of proper festivals and not just simple festivals but annual festivals that are long awaited. We have listed the best and top music festivals around the globe. Music lovers fly to these destinations eagerly, these festivals are huge success as not just one but couple of artists performs in these festivals and the crowd is huge.

10 Best Music Festivals around the World

The festivals are judged on the basis of number of people coming to witness the festival. Most of these festivals start with the arrival of summers. Here are 10 of the top most music festivals.

1. SONAR – Barcelona

SONAR is one of the most happening events in the liveliest city of Europe which is known for its colorful music festivals.  SONAR was founded in 1994 and has features performance from many frontline performers and artists’ ever since. Music lovers rush towards Barcelona from around the surroundings to witness the amazing festival. Not just the performances but the festival is added with the center of attention video art projections which have display of music by modern performers.

SONAR – Barcelona

www.sonar.es The official website for Sonar Music Festival


Lollapalooza was not initially started to be one of the most happening music festivals around the world. Its initiation was very interesting as it was fist celebrated to give farewell to the tour of Perry Farrell and his band by Jane’s Addiction in 1991. Since then Lollapalooza has been evolved as a proper annual festival for which people from far away plan and don’t miss any chance to witness the amazing performances. It has now formed as a festival which has expanded to three days of activities including crafts, dances, comedy and music performances. Renowned artists make the festival even more of an eye candy for music lovers. Lollapalooza is not just a small gathering of good music lovers and performances, it hosts more than 160,000 people and performances by rock, electric, indie genre of music. All these things make lollapalooza as one of the best music festivals in town and made it famous internationally.


www.lollapalooza.com log in for tickets and details

3. MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL – Monteux, Switzerland

Montreux is a jazz only music festival. Montreux is one of those music festivals which attract visitors and music lovers from across the globe, initiated in 1967 Montreux has progressed into a festival that has spread its activities and showcase of music over a time of 2 weeks and more that 200,000 crazy music fans head towards the event. Not just the performances or the performers but the location for this music festival is also the center of attention for many, it is held at the shoreline of Lake Geneva and the spread of festival in a way that the visitors can enjoy the themed shows and showcase from boats and train cars. Montreux has been linked with performance of such famous artists like Ella Fitzgerald, B.B King, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton and even more which is one of the major factors behind such huge crowd gathering for Montreux


For details log on to www.montreuxjazz.com

4. ROCK AL PARQUE – Colombia

Based in Colombia Rock Al Parque is a three day music festival which is not like typical music festivals which require tickets to witness the awesomeness music instruments and singers can create.  It doesn’t charge an entry fee and gathers a crown of more than 89,000 per day. This is one of the music festivals in which visitors enjoy both local and international bands and music including famous Latin American artists. Rock Al Parque is such a festival which offers a little something for everyone who visits keeping in view its variation in the genre of music.


For More details please visit their official website www.rockalparque.gov.co/

5. Przystanek Woodstock – Poland

Przystanek Woodstock is a true blast and hell of a music festival which gathers people from entire Europe. The music festival is also one of its kind and one of the free music festivals, crowd of over 500,000 people all crazy for music head towards Poland for the three day music festival. The music festival is organized by the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. The festival is a very creative and interesting way of thanking their volunteers as they raised money for medical facilities and aiding children’s hospitals all year.  This is so far the most interesting way to thank and appreciate someone for the efforts. It is a rock music festival which is seriously rocking with such huge gathering.


For complete details please visit www.woodstockfestival.pl/en/

6. SZIGET- Budapest

Budapest is an extremely beautiful part of Europe and it even becomes more attractive when music festivals like Sziget attract visitors from across the globe. Almost 400, 000 music fans gather in Budapest every year to witness the awesomeness of one of such huge scale music festivals. Sziget is an annual music festival of week-long programs that spreads over 200 programs on every day of the week basis. The festival is basically located at an Island which is situated in the center of Budapest.


For details visit www.szigetfestival.com

7. Fuji Rock Festival – Japan

Like all the other countries Japan is also not behind any one when it comes to quality music festivals. It is a three day event and it was first held in 1997, the festival takes place on the last three days of July. This is one of the music festivals which are a complete package for all the visitors. The festival has variety of performances and swide range opportunities for music lovers as artists from across the globe come for performances.

music festivals

For details and tickets log on to www.fujirock-eng.com

8. Glastonbury- United Kingdome

Glastonbury is one of the most awaited and iconic festival in UK, it started as a very small festival but had turned into the center of attention for most of the music lovers across the close and far flung localities. The festival is five day long and the tickets have record to be sold out with hour of their sale. This is one of the music festivals which is not just limited to music performances but also includes circus, cabaret acts, comedy and art fairs. This is a dream come true for any music junkie who wants to feed his ears with quality music.

music festivals

For details log on to their official website www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk

9. Mawazine – Morocco

This is one of the music festivals which started as a very basic small scale festival and as time passd they gained international fame and attention from visitors across the globe. The music festival is visited by almost 2 million music lovers each year and hold importance due the performances of international artists.

music festivals

www.festivalmawazine.ma. Log on to the official website if you want to witness the amazing performances by Moroccan and international stars.

10. Rock in Rio – Brazil

Rock in Rio is one of the recurring music festivals, it first started in 1985. The festival is known for attracting millions of fans just because of its top notch performers which has made it from an ordinary to a world famous music festival

Rock in Rio – Brazil

www.rockinrio.com Log in to the website for further details about the festival and tickets.

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