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10 Best Romance Movies of All Time


1. When Harry Met Sally Movie

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Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan seem to be like bad match when related in real life. Similarly, this situation seems to be that way in this classic film. However, in the end the two seem to find a common solution to their differences and ultimately bonding in one of the most romantic ways ever witnessed.  This particular scenario is so powerful and one that makes this movie earn its number one status in our list of the best romance movies of all time.

Movies are of different themes, there are those advancing a political agenda, a social/ cultural agenda and others are intertwined with some elements of love and romance. Finding the best romance movies is a taunting task as there exists lots of them. But, our list has taken account of all the elements that make a film considered romantic and by no doubt our list is the real thing you need to know as far as romantic movies are concerned.


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