10 Craziest Types of Tattoo Ideas

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Tattooing has gone into another level with the news surfacing that even eyes can get tattooed with different tattoo ideas. Designs for tattoo are endless, a tattoo can be really fascinating for tattoo lovers and can be done by both male and female. Doing tattoos with innovative tattoo ideas symbolize different meanings for different people.

Craziest Types of Tattoo Ideas

For instance, an tattoo can symbolize what you believe in i.e. your religion, vision, life, and focus. The following are 10 craziest types of tattoo Ideas.

10. Eyeball Tattoo

Wondering about some weird tattoos or piercings on the body! There are new trends of tattooing and tattoo ideas that will definitely leave you so fascinated. David Boltjes, a 27-year old prisoner was the first person to be brave enough to have allowed his prison mate stab him on his eye with untested tattoo method.

Eyeball Tattoo

The idea with eye tattoo is to change the sclera of the eye to become blue color. Paul unstoppable, a Canadian man confessed to have had a similar eye tattoo in 2009 by receiving 40 injections of light blue ink into his eyes. Though taken to be a new idea, corneal tattooing has been an idea that has been done for over 2000 years now. The idea became so common in the late 19th century into the 20th century when people were correcting eye defects such as leucomas and scarring with this method. Nowadays, these tattoo ideas has lost momentum because contact lenses can effectively cover these effects.

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