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10 Craziest Types of Tattoo Ideas


6. Tattoo on Pigs

Since 1990s, WimDelvoye has been tattooing pigs. Earlier in the 21th century, a project of tattooing pigs was put up in an art Farm in china. In china there are fewer restrictions regarding animal welfare as compared to other parts of the world.

Tattoo on Pigs

In the year 2005, his fellow artist Danny Devos spent lots of months in the farm managing, reorganizing and rebuilding it. Tattoo on pigs range from traditional lions and flags-kind of stuffs to patterns of Louis Vitton logo. However, it is worth noting that the skins are not formally used as art objects until the pigs are dead. Once dead, these skins will be removed and displayed on various walls in various venues as it is one of the great tattoo ideas.