10 Dazzling Caves in the World

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Exploring different beautiful caves across the world can be an exciting adventure because they present beautiful sceneries of Mother Nature. If you are on an adventure mission, you might be yearning to visit various underground caves, learn about their history and possible uses during ancient times.

At Bigshocking, we have featured amazing and awesome beautiful caves across the world that will make your jaw drop.

10. Beautiful Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave in Austria


Eisriesenwelt is a cave with tunnels and chambers that extends to more than 42 kilometers. The cave is situated inside Hochkogel Mountain in Austria. This cave is naturally made from limestone ice and has been described as one of the largest cave in the world.

Its entrance is covered with ice up to 1 kilometer and the rest part consists of limestone. Inside this beautiful cave, there are a number of rooms such as Poselt hall and Mork Cathedral.

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