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10 Dazzling Caves in the World


1. Wonderful Cave Of Crystals in Mexico


Cave Of Crystals is one the most beautiful caves situated in Mexico. This awesome cave is alo known as Giant Crystal Cave. The cave is made from limestone rock and features a horseshoe-shaped cavity. The cave also features a main chamber with world’s largest selenite crystals which are transparent in nature.

The chambers appear to be so gigantic due to high temperature on the inside part of the cave. Geologists say that these crystals were formed several millions years ago due. They explain that the underground water was heated by magma. Hot water was formed which dissolved minerals and other chemicals. They later cooled down to form these crystals.

In short, there are thousands of beautiful caves across the world. In the article above, we only featured the most adored ones in the world. By visiting these places, you will get a chance to explore the darker and deeper side of the world by visiting these places.


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