10 Most Expensive Indian Musical Instruments

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Music is the bloodline for people belonging to India, for centuries Indians remained in the charismatic aroma of Indian music. Music without musical instruments cannot be imagined and so as the case here as well. One must not forget the social and geographical bearing of music around a particular piece of land and that’s what Indian music also experienced.

Indian Musical Instruments has a fine blended touch of Persia, Arabia and Deep South Asian touch which makes it more mesmerizing. Here I will be touching some the great Indian Musical instruments known for their heart touching & soothing musical notes generating capability.

10. Surbahar

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Surbahar is known as bass sitar which is used in North India as a Hindustani classical music. Although it is better known like sitar but has comparatively low intensity of tone. As classical Indian music doesn’t have any concept of absolute pitch there soit is mostly pitched two octaves below the typical sitar. The length of this instrument is over 51 inches (130cm), as a resonator dried pumpkin is used. Surbahar is of worth $1,199 which brings it in the list of one of most expensive Indian Musical Instrument.

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