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10 Most Expensive Indian Musical Instruments


1. Sitar

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Sitar is a historical Indian musical instrument since from the time of Mughals this instrument is used to bring Persian themes in the music. These days this Indian musical instrument is used by only classical musical groups as it is the main ingredient of classical harmony. The instrument is of worth $ 300 to $ 3,000 generally available in market. According to an assessment, the best ‘Sitar’ available in market is from Hemand Calcutta (a well-known city of India) with price range in between 3600 to 14,000 dollars.

‘Santoor’ the Instrument: Another expensive musical instrument from India is ‘Santoor’, made of maple or sometimes mulberry or walnut wood. This folk instrument indigenous to ‘Kashmir’ valley usually has 94 or 123 strings. The high carbon spring steel strings looks are similar to the shape of trapezoid. To play this fine-looking expensive Indian instrument, pair of curved walnut or rose wood hammers is used for fined tuned pricks. This solo musical instrument is amongst the most expensive musical instrument sold in India i.e approximately twenty thousand Indian rupees.


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