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10 Most Expensive Indian Musical Instruments


5. Harmonium

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Harmonium is known as one of the most romantic instrument worldwide. It looks like a free-standing keyboard instrument almost similar to reed-organ. Its sound is produced by air supplied by foot or hand operated bellows. In the middle of nineteenth century missionaries brought hand-pumped harmoniums to India which were made in France. This instrument became popular in India within no time as it was reliable, portable and very quick and easy to learn. Undoubtedly, harmonium plays a key role in Indian music as it’s a very well balanced instrument and commonly found in almost every 5th house of India. Let me share a BigShocking fact with the readers that despite the fact this instrument was basically designed in France but further development in this instrument took place in India, that too in a very unique way like a scale changing machine and addition of drone steps. During the time of prayers not only Hindu but Sikh community also use this instrument in their prayers called bhajan and kirtan respectively. The cost of this instrument often varies from $349.00 to $799.00.


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