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10 Most Expensive Indian Musical Instruments


3. Dilruba

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The most popular northwest Indian musical instrument ‘Dilruba’ is found in Punjab, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh. This instrument is in between sitar and sarangi(instrument) and most extremely close to the mayuri vina and esraj. The appearance looks so close that often people hardly distinguish between these instruments. But if having a close look on the instrument could help you find the difference in the shapes of resonators and the manner in which the strings are attached. Still the players find no difficulty in playing these instruments as all are almost the same in vice versa. Fascinating construction of approximately 18 strings of this expensive Indian Musical Instrument made it approach the tuning same as the ‘sitar’. According to the requirements of the ‘rag’, metallic frets can be move. The price of this master-piece is two hundred ninety nine dollars.


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