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10 Most Expensive Indian Musical Instruments


2. Mridangam

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Mridangam is another striking expensive musical instrument from South India. without a doubt It is the primary rhythmic supplement in a Carnatic music collection. Alternate spellings for this instrument include mridanga (or khol), mrdangam, mrudangam, mrithangam, mirudhangam and miruthangam. The structure of the mridangam instrument is quite interesting as it has weighty annular membrane around the right side of it along with a number of pieces of straw which are placed thoroughly between the annular membrane and the main membrane. Moreover, on the right hand side a permanent application (aoru or karani) is placed. The other side (that is left side) is a mixture of flour and water to supply an appropriate quality tone but it is necessary that this application should be taken out after each performance. This out-class instrument of worth $ 232 has all heads placed upon a barrel shaped wooden shell and wood (generally jack-wood).


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