10 Extremely Gross Kidnaping Stories of All Times

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These kidnaping stories are not just made up stories but they are cruel reality of our society. These kidnaping cases involved not just keeping them hostage but also abusing them physically and sexually.

Extremely Gross Kidnaping Stories of All Times

The kidnaping cases have different backgrounds but mostly the kidnapers had some sort of mental disorder that made them so things as gross as kidnaping someone and torturing them.

1. Masha

Masha Allen

The story of Masha is very heart touching as she was not just a child who was kidnaped in a very awkward way and abused. She was in a Russian orphanage from where she was adopted by an American man Matthew Mancuso, unfortunately after her adoption there were no visits made to make sure that the child was alright. More over even at the time of adoption no background checks were made of the man and his conduct. The only information about him was that he was a divorced man and wanted to adopt a child.

She was just 5 when she was adopted and just after the adoption he started abusing her physically and not just that he started using her in child pornography and not in limited films but she was so much in the child pornography that police started searching for the poor child. The police after watching so much abuse with her started investigating and taking clues from the films which led to the man and finally Masha was rescued by police. The case was taken so seriously that after just 3 months she was rescued. Masha has filed a law suit and her adoptive father is sentences to jail for child pornography and child rape both. These kidnaping stories are mind disturbing.

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