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10 Extremely Gross Kidnaping Stories of All Times


2. David Pelzer


Born in 1960 David Pelzer is an author, he found his only way to express what he has been through by his words. Pelzer’s best work is his own story about child abuse known as “A Child Called It” , it was infect his first book and received huge response because his true emotions couldn’t let people ignore his words. The book explains how his mother use to make him starve and make him drink ammonia, she even stabbed him in the stomach and made him drink his own vomit.

His father played no role in taking action against all his violence. Pelzer had awkward relations with his mother since childhood where he was beaten and abused, this was not just a normal case soon his teachers stepped into the matter and he was taken to a foster care. Apparently his mother was alcoholic but use to beat up only David from all of her children. David joined Us Air force when he turned 18 and led a relatively normal life from there on.


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