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10 Extremely Gross Kidnaping Stories of All Times


3. Elizabeth Fritzel One of Heart Wrenching Kidnaping Stories


This is again another case which would be listed as kidnaping; the point is it is not always you enemies who become cruel to you sometimes your own people show up being the faces behind the cruelty. Elizabeth was kept locked up in a basement since child hood and for a time period of 24 years.  Her story is more serious and beyond the imagination of a normal person and makes you think what kind of mental unrest would make you do it for a period of 24 years and not once you realized that you were doing wrong.

Elizabeth was kept locked and continuously physically and sexually raped by her father which resulted in birth of 4 children who were raised by her father Josef Fritzl and his wife. Elizabeth was recovered when her eldest daughter had serious lungs condition and Josef had to take her to the hospital and gave a confusing story to the doctors later he had to bring Elizabeth to the hospital after long twisted stories where she had to be taken by the police and she told all her story and Josef was charged with all his crimes at the age of 75. Josef made up stories regarding the kids being born by Elizabeth that he found them abandoned and wants to raise them.


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