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10 Extremely Gross Kidnaping Stories of All Times


5. Natascha Kampusch

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Natacha was abducted by her kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil. She was abducted for almost 8 years when one day she escaped. Natascha was kidnapped at the age of 10 and ran away when she was 18, she gained a lot of media attention and she also wrote an autobiography called 3096 days. Natascha earlier from her kidnaping was not in a very healthy environment as her parents were already separated and just after her kidnap they were divorced. She even had her passport with her when she was kidnapped as she just returned to her mother’s place after holidays. Natacha explained the time of her captivity saying that all this time she was kept in a small dungeon which was also sound proof. Initially she has to be there all the time latter she was allowed to be in the upper portion of the home freely when Prillopil was at home.

She later was also allowed to be in the garden area as well. She explains that all this time she was given books to educate herself and was forced to do the entire household for the kidnapper she also admitted that she was raped several times by him. She was also allowed to have outdoor trips where she tried to gain some attention by people but all of that in vain. She escaped when she was cleaning the kidnaper’s car while he received a phone call. With the noise of the vacuum cleaner she ran to the nearest police station and the kidnapper committed suicide when he found out that the police was looking for him.


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