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10 Extremely Gross Kidnaping Stories of All Times


9. Colleen Stan

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Collen Stan was a woman who was kidnapped by Cameron Hooker in California in 1977. Out of all the kidnaping stories this particular one was so much designed. She was held captured for 8 years and was sexually abused and was made to believed that she is kidnapped by a large group of people called “ The Company” and that her family is watched and will be harmed if she tries to flee. She was brain washed by hooker so much that he wanted he wanted her to be his second wife she was allowed to do job but all the secrets came out when hooker wanted to have 4 more slaves. She also had a book written on her name. She told police that she wanted hooker to change and give him a chance but he didn’t seem to be changing. Such kidnaping stories totally change your perception about human beings.


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