10 Facts You Should Know about Byzantine Empire

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The Byzantine Empire, a name that many of us have heard a lot but we know very less about it or some people don’t even have heard the name but the Empire is known as one of the greatest empires of its time. Byzantine Empire existed for almost 1,125 years. Byzantine means excessively complicated, and involving a great deal of administrative detail.

Get to know about the Byzantine Empire Closely

BigShocking always tried to give you something out of the box, this time we come up with the true information about Byzantine Empire. The history Belongs to the part of Istanbul of today which was Byzantine earlier and the city of Constantinople, Eastern part of the Roman Empire even earlier from Byzantine. It is said that it was Byzantine Empire who saved Europe from the tide of invasions by Islam. This article would be about the facts based on true information about the Byzantine Empire that are most of the times not explained properly or openly.

1. Origin of the Name ‘Byzantine’


The origins of Bzyantium or you can say the Byzantine Empire are much of a mystery and has different point of views but we will agree with the most generally accepted concept how it was evolved. It was around 660 BC when Byzaz a native of the town of Magara and a Greek consulted oracle of Apollo about where he should be forming a new colony due to the overpopulation in central Greece. The oracle simply told ‘opposite the blind’. Byzas couldn’t get the message properly and went on to sail towards northeast through Aegean Sea. When he saw the Greek city of Chalcedon he came to a conclusion that its founders must be blind enough to ignore such a beautiful site that was just half mile away from the strait. So Byzas settled here and named it after his own name Byzantine.

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