10 Facts You Should Know about Byzantine Empire

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10. The Great Schism

byzantine The Great Schism

Most students of history of Byzantium concur that the Empire’s most prominent and most enduring legacy was the conception of Greek Orthodox Christianity. Eastern Orthodoxy emerged as an unmistakable branch of Christianity after the “Incomparable Schism” of the eleventh century in the middle of Eastern and Western Christendom. The detachment was not sudden. For a considerable length of time, there had been noteworthy religious, social, and political contrasts between the Eastern and Western holy places.

Numerous students of history guarantee us today that religion was the principle motivation behind why Roman society lost all its impact on the Byzantine Empire. There were major religious contrasts between Roman Catholics and Greek Orthodox Christians, on subjects, for example, the utilization of pictures, the nature of the Holy Spirit, and the part (and personality) of the Pope. Culturally, the Greek East has constantly had a tendency to be more philosophical, conceptual, and supernatural in its reasoning, while the Latin West tended towards a more down to business and lawful minded methodology. Every one of these variables at long last reached a crucial stage in 1054 A.D., when Pope Leo IX banned the Patriarch of Constantinople, who was the pioneer of the Greek Orthodox Church.

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