10 Facts You Should Know about Byzantine Empire

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2. Geopolitics Favored Byzantium

Byzantine Empire

As far as geopolitics was concerned Byzantium was filled with many docks and fishing spots near its locality. Its location was very strategic between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea which soon helped it becoming a trade Centre and a leading port. It gained its importance by becoming the linking between European countries and Asians. In 590 BC Byzantine was destroyed by the Persians and was rebuilt by the Spartans. It was then later fought over by the Athens and the Spartans, Byzantines history involves many of the famous names as from 336 to 323 B.C Byzantine was under the world famous Greek General Alexander the Great.

After the death of Alexander the great the city got its Independence back as Independent Byzantine. Byzantine became the capital of one of the most powerful and great empires and after that it was attacked by several parties including Scythians, the Celts, and of course the Romans.


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