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10 Famous Shocking Mount Everest Death Cases


8. Rob Hall

ROb Hall died on Mount Everest

Rob Hall in 1996 along with his 8 team members started to climb towards the summit of Mount Everest. It was on May 11 When Hall along with his team and three other excursion teams were going towards the summit, around 4:30 one of his team members tripped but Hall stayed to help his team. The weather was taking everything in its twist and the teams got trapped on the top of Mount Everest. Hall Survived the night but it was impossible for him to survive the day at the top so he called his wife using a satellite phone he had. It was the afternoon of May 12 when Hall called his wife who was carrying their first child he said, “I love you. Sleep well, my sweetheart. Please don’t worry too much.” These were his last words and the phone went silent. Halls death on Mount Everest was one of the Mount Everest deaths that got famous. A Hollywood movie is also based on Halls character to be the lead character named Everest, and a book called Into Thin Air, by Jim Krauker who also happens to be one of Hall’s Team members.


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