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10 Famous Shocking Mount Everest Death Cases


7. George Mallory

Mallory on Mount Everest

George Mallory was a school teacher by profession and a naturally gifted climber. Mallory was part of the first of the two major expeditions to climb Everest in 1991 and 1992. The first expedition was to map out the mountain and the second one in 1992 came to an end due to an incident when snow slip killed seven people of the team.  After that again in 1924 he was selected third time for a climb of Mount Everest. They started climbing on June 6th 1924. On 8th June he reached 26,800 and it was the last update anyone got from them. Mallory was seen by another group of climbers in 1975 when Chinese went for an expedition. Mallory’s body is still very much preserved considering the time that has passed since he passed away.


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