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10 Famous Shocking Mount Everest Death Cases


4. Francys and Sergei Arsentiev

Mount Everest

In May 1998, a mountain climber couple, traveled to base camp of Mount Everest. Sergei Arsentiev and his wife Francys Arsentiev made two unsuccessful attempts to reach the summit but were forced to return back. They finally made it to the peak in their third attempt and surprisingly, without the oxygen tanks. But while they were coming back, they both lost each other. Sergei started finding his wife and came across a group of climbers from whom he got to know that she had not passed them. He got some oxygen and medicine from them and went back to find Francys. That was the last time he was ever seen. Whereas, Francys was found by another climber couple, Ian Woodall and his wife, O’Dowd, while Francys was dying because of fatigue and freezing cold. She asked them for help but since there was nothing that they could do and the weather was getting really bad, they left her and started moving on. Francys begged them to be with her and not let her die but Woodall and O’Dowd kept moving and reached the top. This tiny interaction with the lady, just before she was going to die, kept them haunted for many years. So, after almost 10 years, O’Dowd and Woodall went back to the body of Francys and buried her.


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