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10 Famous Shocking Mount Everest Death Cases


2. Peter Kinloch`

kinloch died on mount everest

Peter was a young IT specialist with a dream to reach the summit of Mount Everest and became one of the Mount Everest Deaths. His death is also tragic like all the others. On May 1st 2010 peter reached the top of Mount Everest and started coming back. On his way back he started feeling sick and had symptoms of High Altitude Cerebral Edema, a condition in which the brain swells. Peter lost his eye sight as a result, his team members tried to help him for 12 hours but after that sadly they had to abandon him as they couldn’t take down a blind man along. After a year Peter’s friend climbed up to see his friend frozen but said that his body was so much in peace as if he was taking a nap. This is how 28 year old Peter is alive in the hearts of many and belonged to Everest till his last breath.


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