10 Horror Movies Based on True Events

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Horror movies are often promoted as being based on true life happenings. These movies stretch the meaning of the word so much. Bigshocking went an extra mile to review 10 horror movies based on true events.

10. The Conjuring Movie, 2013

The Conjuring is a horror movie released in 2013. This movie is advertised in the horror movies list based on true events. It features a true story based on two paranormal investigators from the case file of Lorraine Warren and Ed. After its release, people stated to question some of it chilling events in that were considered too terrifying to be true.


The paranormal investigators had investigated the hidden Rhode Island farmhouse in the 1971. They found something disturbing and decided to keep it to themselves. When Ed Warren died, his wife didn’t comment on the film. But a friend who knew Warren’s family very well claimed that everything in this film including the concept of a witch really transpired.

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