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10 Horror Movies Based on True Events


8. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie, 1974

Next in our horror movies list based on true events is “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” this movie was banned in several countries because of its level of violence.  The movie portrays the story of a group of friends who were trapped at a house of wielding serial killer cannibal.


The killer’s nickname is Leatherface. Every time he kills one member of the group, he wears their skinned face. In real life happening, this horror movie is based on the real life case of Edward Gein in the 1950′s. the real life serial killer by the name Crazy Ed used to wear the skinned faces of any person he killed. He also decorated his farmhouse using human remains from his victims. There is no concrete proof that linked Crazy Ed to cannibalism but some evidences did. The police found this man cooking a human heart in a pan when they arrested him.


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