10 Most Amazing Tattoo Fonts in the World

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If you take a quick web search you will probably realize that there are thousands tattoo fonts available. However, the most notable thing from the majority of these font tattoos is that they are poorly designed that even a person who likes to boast with the worst tattoos ever would not want turn up with it. Despite this, we have make a list and brought you some of the amazing tattoo fonts in the world.

10. Fearless Script Tattoo Font

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Created by illustrator Chris Park, Fearless Script is a tattoo font, best known for producing kick-ass rock illustrations based on the moniker of Pale Horse Designs. According to Chris, this font tattoo was inspired by vintage signage and lettering.

Both lower case and upper case characters are featured in this tattoo. In addition to this, most punctuations, numerals, alternates and vector swashes are also included. Just like other font tattoos that are open, this fearless script tattoo font is also open.

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