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10 Most Amazing Tattoo Fonts in the World


6. Sailors Pro Font Tattoo

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Think of any decent “sailor-style” tattoo fonts around, but none of these can much the flexibility and adaptability of sailors tattoo Pro. Created by Otto Maurer, this tattoo font encompasses five main weights as well as six fonts that can be easily get combined to create blackwork and colored fills.

For you to be able to use it, you need to pick your base weight, which can off course be half-filled or pure linework and then duplicate your type. You also need to change it to one of the weights that are compromised for you to fill in the linework. You can do this using either solid or gradient colors.

For those effects shown above to show, you need to change the color of the fill or the gradient. Sometimes, there are also filled and two light weights in the main font, that are well formed but remember not to use the internal elements. The sailor tattoo pro is also open type and costs £60.99.


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