10 Most Bizarre Misconceptions About Satan

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Satan, the devil, the demon, the evil one-all these connote to one being to whom people have different ideas and perspectives as to who he is. Some stories about him are mythical while others are traceable facts. Almost all religions and cultures have different perspectives of who the devil is.

Misconceptions About Satan

This may be attributed to the many writings and other media sources and the varying renditions that have led to inconsistency, and misconception regarding the Prince of Darkness. Here is a list of the 10 things everyone gets wrong about Satan:

1. The Controversial 666

Cited in the Book of Revelation as written by John, this number is associated with the Antichrist. However the story behind this association is not quite clear even in the Bible. This number has been featured many times in heavy metals and bad tattoos.


The concept of affiliating Satan with the number 666 is not new. In fact, archaeologists have a lot of nearly scrawled scripts from historic dump sites in Egypt that date to the third or fourth century. With improved technology, researchers use photographic imaging techniques as a means to translate the writings. One of the Scripts read has the number assigned to the proverbial beast as 616 and not 666. This controversial number is said to have been derived from the name of the person who, at the time, was thought to be the earthly incarnation of the Devil, Nero. Among the many theories of its origin, one states that the earlier text has a Latin base.

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