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10 Most Bizarre Misconceptions About Satan


6. The Inverted Cross


You have probably seen the inverted crucifix in a number of movies as well as read about it in fiction stories that try to denote a demonic aspect. Well, its relation to Satanism is an assumption based on the notion that it is a mockery of Christ’s crucifixion. However, that’s not true. The upside-down cross is by tradition seen as not only a Christian symbol, but as one of humility From the writings of early Christian writers, Peter from the Bible was crucified in Rome. However, not wanting to disrespect the crucifixion of the Son of God, Peter requested that he be crucified upside- down. This then became a symbol of humility, worn by those who, in the same spirit of Peter, wish to pay respect to the sacrifice made by Christ.

Further, it is also depicted as so on the back of the Pope’s chair. This is because he is acting as St. Peter or rather following in his footsteps hence the symbol of the cross has also been passed down.


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