10 Most Cutest Creatures on Earth

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While beauty remains in the eyes of the beholder, some creatures remain inexcusably ugly. Others on the other hand are not beautiful but something about their look makes them appear as very cutest creatures. Of course we’re used to the cute baby animal pictures.

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Most Cutest Creatures on Earth

Some Cutest Creatures as they age tend to lose such cuteness in them and adopt a fierce or stable form that can no longer stand the category of cute. I’ll avoid the usual cute puppy picture stories and of the cute little kittens in baskets and take you through various other creatures that we normally fail to see how cute they are until we do or until it is pointed out. Here’s a list of cutest creatures you’d want them in your yard if possible.

1. The African Pygmy Hedgehog

african pygmy hedgehog

Belonging to the Erinaceidae family, these unclear rodent mammals can also be kept as pets. They look so cut you’ll want to cry when you watch them roll into a ball to shield them from danger. However, the adorable creatures do not release quills like porcupines do instead they try to stab the predator. These little cutest creatures are however not suitable as pets to very young children. This is because they can bite when provoked or hurt. Naturally, they blend well in an environment where they are treated with respect and are handled gently, and patiently.

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