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10 Most Cutest Creatures on Earth


10. Baby Elephants

Cutest Creatures

While the adult ones are enormous and scary, the young ones are really cute. Their nozzles even make them look much cuter and playful. Elephants are herbivorous in nature and are found in various habitats such as savannahs, forests, deserts and marshes. The baby elephants are commonly referred to as calves. These calves are considered the centre of attention in their family groups. The calves by nature rely on their mothers for a period of three years after which they fall into the respective age groups within the family groups. Elephants are said to live for approximately 70 years. They mainly communicate by way of touch, sight, smell and sound and whilst over long distances, they rely on infrasound and seismic communication. Elephants possess self-awareness feelings and tend to show empathy for the dying or dead individuals of their kind..


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