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10 Most Cutest Creatures on Earth


4. The Angora Rabbit

Angora rabbit

There’s something cute and cuddly about almost anything that’s fluffy. The angora rabbit is among the oldest domesticated rabbits and one of the cutest creatures in the world. It is originally from Turkey. Actually these kinds of rabbits are specifically bred for their fluffiness. Hence their other name – the wooly rabbits. Many people would love such fluffy animals running about in your yard adding to its beauty. Extensive care has to be maintained while caring for these creatures. For instance, they lick themselves to groom hence consume fur. It is essential then that they are supplied with enough hay as often as possible since unlike other animals they do not cough out such fur consumed or vomit it. This is quite risky as it may block the digestive tracts. The fibre that the rabbits get from the hay provides wool block.


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