10 Most Stupid Videos You have Ever Seen

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After many years of watching videos on internet, the trend has taken its toll with the introduction of faster internet worldwide.  My sense of humor, general human decency, patience and hygiene has been affected as the internet has been filled with lots garbage of videos.

However, most of these videos are real things you will never stop yourself from laughing at them. Below we have provided a list of some stupid videos you will definitely find interesting and entertaining to your ears.

10. The Best Cry Ever Video

This is an American television series that deals with the struggles faced by a majority of many different kinds of addicts. Each episode in this video follows one or two participants and each has a substance that is dependent of any mentally or physically damaging problem.

Here, the subjects believe that they are being filmed for some documentary on their problem, but rather their situations are documented in anticipation for an intervention by friends or family. At the time of intervention, each participant receives an ultimatum which requires them to go into rehab immediately or otherwise they would lose contact and other privileges from their loved ones who orchestrated the intervention. The series in this film are really interesting and you will enjoy watching them and finally will discover this as one of the stupid videos.

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