10 of Your Favorite Celebrities Who Were Physically Flawed!

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There is this thing that normally people think of when talking about celebrities, they are thought to be perfect by all means but in reality they are as flawed as normally people are. The professional makeup and glamour and use of latest technology make them look picture perfect. In reality these celebrities are dealing with problems any person would be dealing with in routine life.

Celebrities Who Were Physically Flawed

Many people don’t realize that their favorite celebrities might also be dealing with the same issues and even handling physically flawed bodies and managing to be appearing confident and yet glamorous on screens. Earlier we talked about the Bittersweet Love Affair Between Fat Celebrities and Food and Out of many such celebrities here are a few physically flawed celebrities who never appeared to be like that on television.

10. Daryl Hanna

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Celebrities like Daryl Hanna having such physical flaw don’t keep themselves from achieving what they are destined. Having such a major Flaw which becomes prominent with each your hand gesture, being a celebrity needs a lot of confidence to move around with. Daryl Hanna has had a childhood accident in which she lost the tip of her index finger. She wears a fake finger in her movies most of the times but her flawed hands never had any impact on her hand gestures.

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