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10 Most Shocking Cases of Anorexia


2. Hayley Wilde

Harley Wilde became so skeletal that doctors warned her only one week before finally dying. She spent 8 years battling her anorexia condition until she got to a point of normal life. She later on got pregnant and gave birth to a normal son, Michael.

Hayley Wilde

Her son was born with normal health weight, 71b 14oz, a thing that would have been a dream when she was at her lowest ebb. This condition started to attack her while she was only 11 years old. Despite her frame being 5ft 7in, she got to a point of weighing a paltry 5st 1oz-forcing doctors to warn her against an imminent death if this continued for a maximum 10 days. However, she never died because doctors ensured she put on some weight which made her to survive death. She is currently hailing a normal life after beating this condition through several visits to hospital.