10 Most Shocking Comic Book Deaths

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9. DC Comics Killed One of its Biggies-the Fastest Man Alive

The arrival of Flash in comic books elicited its silver age, leading to the revamping of characters such as the Justice League and Green Lantern. The revamping of justice League led to the inspiration of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to come up with Fantastic Four. Fantasy four led to the creation of numerous characters in Marvel comic who included spider-man, Avengers, the Hulk, the X-men and men others.

DC Comics killed one of its biggies comic book

By the end of 1985, there were many realities and earths alternated to each other. DC comics, then decided to ignite a fresh fight by trying to get rid of some of the characters. This led to a serious mini crisis on infinite earths. What makes this story one of the shocking comic book deaths is the death of Barry Allen, who died while protecting the earth in a fight Anti-Monitor.