10 Shocking Near Death Experiences

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There are many questions that we keep on asking regarding what happens to a person after death. If you read some of the stories on shocking near death experience, you will definitely get thrilled with some of their revelations.

Shocking Near Death Experiences

The following are some of the top shocking near death experiences below:

1. Anita Moorjani’s Recovery from Coma

An ethnic Indian woman hailing from Hong Kong, Anita Moorjani was suffering from cancer and she was at a dying stage. On February 2006, she fell on a comma and never woke up. Doctors advised the family that Anita would never make it since most of her organs had stopped working and she would die in the next 36 hours. Anita explains in her book (Dying to be me) how she was presented with choices to make while in a comma.

shocking near death experiences

She was asked whether to come back to life or continue to the process of death. Doctors were amazed after they found out that her organs were working again. After this shocking incidence, Anita’s recovery was definitely declared one of shocking near death experience. This incidence left doctors baffled at what could have happened to Anita since they had already confirmed her destiny.

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