10 Strange Animals Who Can Talk

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Talking is believed to be a gift human beings were given by God to mark a difference between them and other creatures. However, there have been recent stories which have featured some animals talking just like human beings. The following is a list of strange animals who could talk like human beings:

1. Koshik the elephant

It is difficult for elephants to use their lips to talk like human beings. The reason for their difficulties in making sounds like human beings is because their upper lips have been fused with their noses to form trunks. However, there was shock in the world when news broke that Koshik the Elephant was one of the strange animals that could talk just like human beings. Koshik is an Asian elephant blessed with a special talent to talk.


Ok, it is not a well constructive conversation, but he is able to make some Korean sounds. Unlike other elephants, Koshik is able to control sounds coming out from him by moving is trunk inwards. He is able to speak fived words from Korean language: “anja’’-sit down, “annyong’’-hello, “aniva’’-no, “nuo’’-lie down, and “choah’’-good. Though not aware of what he is talking, koshik’s ability to make sounds is real outstanding.

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