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10 Strange Animals Who Can Talk


10. Lucy, the Chimp

Lucy, the chimp was owned and raised by Maurice Temerlin, a professor and psychotherapist in the Institute for Primate Studies in Oklahoma. Lucy was put under study of “the line between animals and humans“. In order to help her speak, Roger and Fouts, primatologists, taught Lucy some rudimentary sign languages.

Lucy, the Chimp

Eventually, Lucy learned more than 140 words and used them regularly. Although she never spoke aloud, Lucy was indeed one of the first strange animals who could utter sounds like a human being. Lucy could speak with such fluency with the knowledge of understanding exactly she was talking.

Though commonly known to be a preserve of human beings, the above strange animals are a stamen that even animals could be having the potential to talk. In fact, as we have seen these animals could speak several words and they were at the same time knowing what they were doing.