10 Strange Things You Need To Know About Rastafarian

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It’s almost inevitable to every non Rastafarian that whenever Rastafari is mentioned anywhere, the first things that come to mind are smoking weed, reggae music, dreadlocks and their symbolic colours. However, very few know exactly what it means to be a Rastafarian and its origin. To some, it is just a mere religion or cult yet to them it is much more than a religion.

Things To Know About Rastafarian Beliefs

It is a way of life, a social movement as well as a mind set. Below is a list of 10 Rastafari beliefs that will give an insight of Rastafarian beliefs.

1. The Rastafari Colours

While most people recognize only three colours, that is red, gold (yellow), and green, very few are aware that black is also part of the colour combination. These colours are symbolic hence have a deeper meaning beyond reggae music and smoking weed. As the world in most places was and is still open to embracing the concept of freedom of religion within a culture or state, the Rastafari in Jamaica uphold Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia as Jesus. In fact, his real name is Tafari Makonnen whilst Ras means King hence, “King Tafari’ is their ‘Jesus’.


These colours are of the Ethiopian flag where Haile Selassie hails from. They include red, green and yellow and thereafter a fourth colour was included. Each of these colours has symbolic significance in the Rastafari beliefs as follows:

  • Red- refers to the blood and martyrdom of the past Rastafari. It also symbolizes the blood which flows in the bodies of Rastafarians.
  • Gold- which in most cases is depicted as yellow refers the treasures to be found in their motherland, Africa.
  • Green- depicts the fertile lands of Africa; while
  • Black- which was the additional colour depicts the black people who were the veterans of the Rastafari movement.
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