10 Top Documentaries That Will Shock You!

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Documentaries are a very powerful medium to disseminate any kind of information or situation. Top documentaries follow a systematic pattern which takes the views to a step by step illustration of the issue. Documentaries are made in a way that conveys messages in a more detailed way which includes all the important facts, documentaries are not like other casual videos made on the internet.

Top Documentaries That Will Shock You!

All the information and facts are double checked. These are films concerning someone or something and tell everything from scratch. There are various kinds of documentaries; we are going to share most shocking documentaries. These might also contain facts that are shocking and also disturbing so keep in mind before watching any of the content posted in this article.

10. Aokigahara – Suicide Forest 2012

This documentary is based on Aokigahara forest which is situated at the base of famous and beautiful Mount Fuji. The place is said to have a very negative reputation as it is commonly known as the suicide forest. It was released in 2012 and has made its way to our tip documentaries keeping in view the disturbing details in the documentary. The documentary is an illustration by a geologist into the forest showing minute details that how people with unsettled affairs in their life g into depression and come to this forest to attempt suicide. Suicide is itself a very harsh yet bold step to take, it’s the most depressing thing anyone could ever do. The documentary starts showing an abandoned car and then later moving towards the forest that itself has a depressing air, it only gets worst. The documentary is made professionally and is advised that people with strong hearts only dare to watch this documentary completely as it will be on your minds longer that you think.

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