10 Most Ugliest Creatures You’ve Ever Seen

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While beauty remains in the hands of the beholder, some living creatures are just undeniably ugly. Well, the ugliness or beauty of being is mainly judged from its face or head features. It is hard to find any one describing a Ugliest Creatures or beautiful with regard to other parts of the body. We recently talked about the cutest creatures on earth and now today we’ll talk about the ugliest creatures on earth.

10 Most Ugliest Creatures You’ve Ever Seen

It is rare to find people keeping ugly pets but there are those who do- or how else would you describe a bull dog? Here’s a list, though in no precise order, of the creatures we consider to be the most ugliest creatures on earth.

10. The Blob Fish


We begin with one of the ugliest creatures rated as the ugliest on earth in 2013. This then makes it the ugliest fish also- the blob fish. It is hard to comprehend what exactly the blob fish was intended to look like other than a blob-hence the name. However, from a certain view point it appears to resemble a human’s sad face (we don’t mean humans are ugly- but still!).

Scientists in their language refer to the blob fish as Psychrolutes marcidus, meaning it forms part of the family of fish with fatheads. There is very minimal information with regard to the fathead family of fish except that they are found in the deep sea-in fact on the ocean floor and this position may be attributed to their preference to cold water environment.

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