10 Most Ugliest Creatures You’ve Ever Seen

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While beauty remains in the hands of the beholder, some living creatures are just undeniably ugly. Well, the ugliness or beauty of being is mainly judged from its face or head features. It is hard to find any one describing a Ugliest Creatures or beautiful with regard to other parts of the body. We recently talked about the cutest creatures on earth and now today we’ll talk about the ugliest creatures on earth.

10 Most Ugliest Creatures You’ve Ever Seen

It is rare to find people keeping ugly pets but there are those who do- or how else would you describe a bull dog? Here’s a list, though in no precise order, of the creatures we consider to be the most ugliest creatures on earth.

10. The Blob Fish


We begin with one of the ugliest creatures rated as the ugliest on earth in 2013. This then makes it the ugliest fish also- the blob fish. It is hard to comprehend what exactly the blob fish was intended to look like other than a blob-hence the name. However, from a certain view point it appears to resemble a human’s sad face (we don’t mean humans are ugly- but still!).

Scientists in their language refer to the blob fish as Psychrolutes marcidus, meaning it forms part of the family of fish with fatheads. There is very minimal information with regard to the fathead family of fish except that they are found in the deep sea-in fact on the ocean floor and this position may be attributed to their preference to cold water environment.

9. The Naked Mole Rat


The naked mole rat is an ugly little rodent originally found in East Africa, considered one of the most ugliest creatures on earth. There is no better description for it owing to its bald nature. This family of rodents lives underground hence their baldness for adaptation in such environment. However, they are not completely bald but do have countable strings of hair on their bodies that help them feel their surroundings and some more hairs between their toes to assist them push soil as they dig tunnels. Researchers have found that the naked mole rat is highly resistant to cancer.

8. The Mata Mata


Of course with a large and flattened triangular head, you could possibly imagine how such a creature would be a part of ugliest creatures family. Native of South America, it is a freshwater turtle. Its physical features are so to assist it in hunting. It also has a long and tubular snout and its upper jaw is weirdly placed whereby it is not hooked per se and neither is it notched. It has a shell that resembles the bark of a tree with a head resembling fallen leaves. It is in most instances motionless. This makes you wonder how then it feeds. Well, it has flaps on its skin that enable it to blend in with the surrounding vegetation until a fish swims its way. It then plunges out its head while opening the mouth then snaps shut the mouth and swallows its prey whole. It does not chew because of its mouth formation.

7. The Warthog


Belonging to the pig family, the warthog draws its name from their facial wattles. It has a pig nose and two pairs of tusks. The first pair of tusks protrudes from the snout while the second pair is found at the base of the head. They are mainly herbivorous but also feed on small animal food. Their body covering is in bristles and have inexplicably large heads. However, from a distance, their bodies and heads seem naked and they are considered to be the most ugliest creatures you’ve ever seen.

6. The Aye Aye

Ugliest Creatures

Originally found in Madagascar, the aye-aye’s distinguishing feature is mainly its bright, beady, luminous eyes. It also has a combination of rodent-like teeth and an awkwardly long middle finger believed to serve the same purpose as a wood pecker. It is a nocturnal primate and is found mainly in forest canopies. It has a bushy tail that is shaped similarly to a squirrel’s.

5. The Sloth

Ugliest Creatures

If you have watched Ice Age you probably have an idea of how a sloth looks like…but that’s not the real image of a sloth. Found in Central and South America, the sloth’s body is covered in fur. However, its fur growth is opposite in direction with that of other mammals. Sloths spend most of their time with their legs up above their bodies hence the fur grows in direction from the legs towards the head. This ugly mammal is not only omnivorous but also feeds on small lizards buds, soft shoots and leaves.

4. The Star-Nosed Mole

Ugliest Creatures

Another ugly mole is the North America’s star-nosed mole. Its most significant feature is the star-nose which includes 22 fleshy appendages that are used as mainly as ultra-sensitive fingers. Found in wet lowland areas, the star-nosed mole is a good swimmer and remains active both day and night. It makes shallow tunnels for rummaging purposes.

3. The Monk Fish

Ugliest Creatures

Looking at this creature and you’d somewhat disagree with those who rated the blob fish as the ugliest creature on earth. The monk fish has a mean bizarre look that makes it confused for the sea monk. Ugly as it is, the monk fish is a common delicacy regardless of the mottled, skin and huge head that has numerous razor-like teeth.

2. The Tarsiers

Ugliest Creatures

Distinguishing feature of the tarsier is their enormous eyes and extremely long feet for their body. The long feet are attributed to their stretched tarsus bones- hence the name tarsier. They are mainly insectivorous but also feed on birds and snakes. Their main mode of hunting is by jumping on their prey. They can also catch birds in motion.

1. The Hag Fish

Ugliest Creatures

First on our list of Ugliest Creatures was a fish and last also is a fish. The hag fish is long and radiate numerous quantities of some sticky slime. In case they are captured by predators, their main mode of escape is by secreting a fibrous slime which changes to a thick and sticky-like gel when in contact with water. Later on, they clean themselves up by tying themselves in a knot-like form right from the head all the way to its tail. This sheds off the slime as it moves.


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