10 Unbelievable Facts about Vladimir Putin

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For all those who don’t know about Putin there are some known and unknown facts unveiled in this article. Vladimir Putin is known for being strategic and very influential in his region. Vladimir Putin has a very bold and controlling behavior in his region but this was definitely the need of hour for the Russians. Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia since 2012 but he is not new to power in Russia. He has served several times, He served previously as a president from 2000 – 2008, Served as Prime Minister from 1999 – 2000, and from 2008 – 2012. Vladimir Putin is not a small name in Russia, and not just Russia he is a widely known in the world for his strategic alliances and planning.

1. Putin’s Traditional Unpunctuality

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President doesn’t just have this nature after being on this top position but his wife also complains about him keeping her waiting in their early dates when he kept her waiting for so long. This is not just a casual behavior of Vladimir Putin, he has this unpunctuality going on in official matters as well. Even for meetings with senior officials.

There are many reported events when Putin officially showed up late. It was on several that Vladimir Putin got late and it is not just matter of minutes but he has been doing it for several hours. Like he was late for 4 hours in a meeting he had with the President of Ukraine, during his invasion in Crimea. He just doesn’t care about how important the person or the meeting is. His stories about the delayed meetings just go on.


In 2012 Vladimir Putin had a meeting with Secretary of State John Kerry and kept him waiting for 3 hours. He was 2 hours late for a meeting with parents of children who were killed in plane crash and they kept waiting. Not just this He was also late in a meeting with Queen Elizabeth II. In 2013 he has a meeting with Pope Francis and he was 50 minutes late while the pope simply waited. The reason behind is just simple he just likes to be in control of everything.

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