10 Unbelievable Facts about Vladimir Putin

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2. Putin’s Personal Fortune Is Mind Blowing

Putin has more critics on his power and strength than the people supporting him but apparently they don’t get to share their views openly. Bill Browder is a critic of Putin and happens to be his former fund manager. He says that Putin’s personal fortune was $200 billion and he has set up a financial empire to help him be the richest man of the world.

Vladimir Putin

Putin’s net worth is said to be double of Bill Gate’s. But Putin claims that his income was just $101,000, but he lives a relatively high standard life. Being the President of Russia he is also in a position to use the wealth of state in his own interests as well. Stanislav Belkovsky, Russian political analyst claims that he controls 37% of Surgutneftegaz an oil company but knowing all the facts the public shows indifference.


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