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10 Unbelievable Facts about Vladimir Putin


3. Vladimir Putin’s Palace

This Palace was first discovered by satellite pictures which exposed the marble building and some green gardens, 3 helicopter landing pads and home theatre etc. The questions started the investigation that how all this luxury was paid for.

Things turned out to be that Putin along with his associates decided to recondition and improve the hospitals of Russia. They convinced some billionaires to invest and import equipment to make the hospitals equipped with latest machinery. The profits were given to the ship building industry but secretly the major chunk was gone into Project South which apparently was Putin’s Palace.  It is reported that Vladimir Putin never justifies the palace but just believes that he simply deserves to have one.

Kremlin, Presidential Regiment shows no concern within the construction, Vladimir Kozhin, head of the Department of Presidential Affairs, signed off on having the mansion built on state-owned land.


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