10 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters

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In a move to maintain a cute and youthful look, various celebrities have gone to extents of doing plastic surgery on various parts of their bodies. Time and again you get them visiting surgeon offices, but most often you find them in awfully looking faces.Plastic surgery disasters? This is the most frequent question being asked when these celebrities come out plastic surgery more ugly than before.

Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters

Plastic surgery is meant to mold people into an attractive and younger piece of things, but in some cases you get that the process does not go as intended. People come out even uglier than their initial appearances. Below is the list of top ten Worst Plastic Surgery Disasters.

1. Tara Reid

She was best known for the role she played in high school sweetheart Vicky. Hewer, Tara Reid is currently known for her ‘plastic surgery disasters’ on her breasts. She underwent a plastic surgery in 2004 on her breasts but the procedure left lots of bumpy scars on her breasts.

Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Before and After

She once acknowledged that her plastic surgery procedure did not go well as it not only spoilt her breasts bit it also left her belly bulgy.

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